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Who are "we"? Why are we doing this? And what is this: just another effort to get out there (on the Web, now, of all things...) and start shouting "Look, who is coming"? Well, this too, but not that simple... O.K., as a matter of fact, at this point it is even not "we", but more like "me", although I hope this will change soon.

So, here I am: my name is Alex; in 1992 my family immigrated from Ukraine and came to Brooklyn, NY. I'm sure, everybody has a story to tell about first days and months in America and I have mine. We've gone through first desperate days riding New York Subway and nights sleeping on the floor; English classes and cleaning people's bathrooms; delivering pizza and unemployment lines... No, it was not all that bad, but it was hard enough. And the hardest part was to understand this new life, new country, new rules of game. What I realize now is that a lot of our confusion and mistakes come from lack of help and guidance. Yes, there are Jewish and Christian counseling groups, English classes and volunteers, friends and relatives. But there is also a language barrier, the newcomer's embarrassment complex, gap between "old" and "new" immigration and just plain ignorance. How many times we've heard: "I ate my share of American crap when I came here, now it is your turn!"...

O.K., for us it seems to be all over. Now we live in Cincinnati  and everything has settled down: jobs, house, friends, vacations... I learned a lot about what makes it tick. But those days and memories are still with me. I promised myself to never blame my share of crap on somebody else. I know, there are a lot of people out there who are going through the same struggle as we did. They will come out fine, but it takes time and effort. This is why I started this site. I'd like to give you a little encouragement, a piece of practical advice, share with you what I've learned. I'd like to help you to avoid some simple mistakes. I want to know what is bothering you and try to answer some questions you may have. And if I can't, we'll try to find help together. I am a firm believer in friends helping friends, in giving and sharing. This is what I enjoy doing, this is what you will find here.