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Welcome, Russian immigrants of Cincinnati!

We are here to help new Russian immigrants (well, not only Russian and not only new) with an unbiased advice on how to quicker and easier start a new life in this great country of the United States of America.  We also want to get together, share our experiences, ideas, memories and dreams. We want to hear from the other people: their stories, lives and worries. Free immigration consulting (and not only to Cincinnati Russians) is hard to come by and we'll try to help with everything and anything  to overcome the hurdles and hassles of our busy and complicated life. We may even get a better understanding of our place and time, of each other, of our past and our future.

You may wonder what this site is all about. Hopefully, you'll find answers to some of the questions and concerns that worry you:


Am I ready to buy a house? How to find a mortgage? Is it time to re-finance? Try clicking on Your house button.


How do I get my first credit card? What is this "twelve month same-as-cash" stuff? Need a co-signer? Go to Your credit.


Cool places around the city? Or ideas of how to spend a weekend? Vacation is coming?   Your travel is worth checking out.


Need to find a good auto mechanic? Desperate for home improvement advice? Can do babysitting? Hey, I bought new furniture, want to buy my used couch really cheap? Explore our Service offers or Garage sale.


You may get a few helpful ideas in Consumers or find out about the upcoming party from
Community life.

And one more thing we guaranty you will find here: honest, unbiased opinion and a hand, stretched out for a friendly handshake.  Take it, please!

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